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All the latest news from Scott Waterjet. If you would like further information on any of the articles below, please contact us

May 2020: The Scott's
People often ask: Where are Konrad and Lyn Scott, founders of Scott WaterJet? Konrad & Lyn sold Scott WaterJet to us (Gary and Yvette McManaway) in 2016 at which time we took majority ownership and control of all aspects of the company's operation... read more

February 2018: New GM, 4 new products, and some new developments
Briefly, in this newsletter; our new General Manager, four new products, and some new impellor & boat model developments are on their way. We have had a very busy start to the year with some of the team returning from their Xmas break a little earlier than normal... read more

December 2017: Scott 912 - 9.1" Two-Stage waterjet with Trim
Nicknamed the "Beasty" by our USA Distributor!! Konrad and team are recently back from 10 days of testing in Boise Idaho with our USA Distributor Jeff Schlagel of Schlagel Marine & Motorsports LLC. The testing exceeded all our expectations. Test results will be available soon... read more

November 2017: New CA-based jet boating classifieds website
Finding a great jet boat for North American buyers has just gotten a little bit easier thanks to A new Canadian based, jet boating classifieds website for buying and selling welded aluminum jet boats primarily used for running the rivers throughout the Pacific Northwest... read more

August 2016: Scott WaterJet gears for growth
Winchester New Zealand, based Scott WaterJet, a world-leading manufacturer of high performance WaterJets, Jet Boats and accessories has exciting expansion plans. Scott WaterJet has seized the opportunity to step up to the next level with founders Konrad & Lyn Scott joining forces with Gary & Yvette McManaway... read more

June 2013: A great tip for new Jet Sprinters
The grip of the boat, acceleration and overall boat control is directly related to the weight of water the jet is processing. Which is why you installed your Scott Jet - but there are a few tricks to optimising the jet's water flow around a track. One of the most common mistakes is to think that driving the entire course at full throttle is the quickest way round... read more

March 2013: New Jet 'Heads up'
A new 6.1 inch two stage jet is now well into development - model SWJ 612 (6.1" two stage). Two prototypes are being 'river tested' at the moment - complete with a new impeller design. After evaluating the testing, fine tuning of individual components will start, and then we finalise the 3D drawings for the components... read more

August 2012: Nek Minnit
When Rick Orr decided to look for a boat after not having one for 20 years he was keen to get one with Scott gear, having heard from friends and other boaties that Scott jets' handling was better. Having already had a thorough look around at hulls and engines, and test drives, he dropped into Winchester... read more

August 2012: New Zealand Pedigree boat in Canada
This 14 foot boat will look familiar to New Zealand jet boaters. Built in Canada by Firefish it is the result of collaboration between Stephen Beecroft of Firefish and Konrad Scott. The 14 foot 525hp "Waho" is very different to typical Canadian boats with a 16 degree hull (compared to the standard 8 degrees)... read more

April 2012: Impressive Canadian Riverboats
Firefish Boats is an innovative boat builder in Alberta, Canada. Surrounded by some of the world's biggest and most challenging river systems, its customers want durable, reliable boats that can travel for days on hunting and fishing trips into these river systems. Scott Waterjet is proud to be supplying jets to Firefish to go in their bigger boats... read the full story

April 2012: Jet Sprinting World Championship success
Congratulations to the winners and placegetters at this year's world champs - held in the lower half of New Zealand's North Island. Leighton Minell of New Zealand beat Phonsy Mullan of Australia to win the Superboat category, and Reg Smith of New Zealand headed Australia's Nathan Pretty to win the Group A class... read the full story

February 2012: Another Plastic Fantastic
Look carefully at the photos of the latest boat to be fitted with a Scott waterjet!! The hull and topsides are all plastic - or to be accurate 100% HDPE High Density Polyethylene. While we do recess plastic keel strips into our aluminium boats (to help them slide across gravel), we were excited to be involved with this project... read the full story

December 2011: Chris Broadhead's new 4.45 metre river boat
Long time boater Chris Broadhead is the proud owner of this striking 4.45 metre river boat. Chris' family have a background in boat building, and he knew exactly what he wanted his boat to do. He also wanted to do the internal fit-out himself - capitalizing on his skills... read the full story

December 2011: Scott Waterjet builds new sprint hull for Slade Stanley
The new hull known as a Scott FS (Formula Sprint) built for Slade Stanley is almost ready to get wet. Building a competitive hull for a world class jet sprinter is perhaps the biggest challenge for jet boat builders. The hull is absolutely critical to a winning jet sprint package.... read more

April 2011: 'Hammer Down' 4.45 metre riverboat with the L98 6.0L
The high revving (up to 6,000rpm), high output, all alloy Chev engine is perfectly suited to the high revving 852 jet. The impellers on the jet match the revving of the engine right up to 6,000rpm - delivering massive, controlled thrust. Only jet sprint boats have better power to weight ratios... read more

April 2011: The year in review + SCUD owner feedback
Last year, despite the tough financial conditions, was our busiest year for producing boats. While the overall market in New Zealand was very weak, we were at capacity all year.2010 was exciting as we launched several new designs, including some new jet models. SCUD owner reviews... read the full story

December 2010: New Small Boat Jet
A new 6 inch (150mm) highflow/high thrust jet is under development, with testing scheduled for Dec-Feb. Konrad advised the new jet is being built because customers have approached Scott Waterjet to fill the gap between jetski size jets and the 8.5inch industry standard jet... read the full story

December 2010: New Model 812 Water Jet Released
The 812 is a brand new jet custom designed to perfectly match the Lexus V8, GM, Ford and Japanese V6 engines. You get exactly the size of jet you need - with stunning performance, lift, handling, fuel economy etc. It comes standard with Scott Trim Nozzle and all Scott's technology... download a PDF infosheet here

December 2010: New SCUD Design Under Construction
The "crossover" version of our popular Scud riverboat series is well under construction. This combines the open bow of our Scud series and the driving console of our standard river boat. This boat is 4.55 metres and will be powered with a 3.5l V6 engine and our new 8.1" SWJ 812 two stage jet, fitted with hydraulic reverse and trim controls... read more

April 2010: Photos of first production Sea Boat
The owner of the first Scott Boats 21 foot seaboat has sent these photos from the Hauraki Gulf, Auckland. The boat has an aluminium hull custom designed by Konrad to take advantage of the handling and performance of the GM L76 6.0 litre V8 engine and Scott 852 two stage jet. The boat has exceeded all expectations... read the full story

April 2010: Customer Profile - Dean Finch
From time to time we will be profiling customers who use our products. First up is Dean Finch (Finchy) from Curlwaa, NSW, and his boat "Loose Cannon". Dean has been competing for 8 years in the Super Boat class. We take a look at the man, his boat, and his recent form at the Jet Sprint World Champs in Melton... read on

April 2010: Konrad's son Cody wins NZ Junior MX title
This isn't a jetboating story but a great many of our customers are also riders and we think you would be as chuffed as we are. 15 year old Cody Scott won the NZ Junior MX title (12-16 year division) on his Scott Waterjet-sponsored Honda CRF 150R this week. The Marlborough Express article reported... read more

December 2009: New 4.35 metre "Scud"
This is designed to be a sporting package - capable of boating shallow braided rivers, carrying 4-6 people with hunting, fishing and leisure gear, a fun all purpose river and lake boat. The concept for this boat was to have all of the capabilities of our existing boats as well as adding some important new features. Open bow: this allows very easy access... read more

December 2009: Exciting Impeller Development
After approx nine months of testing we are launched a new series of Scott impellers. These are made from a high tensile bronze aluminum alloy (AB2) - which is extremely hard, and has tremendous corrosion resistance. The new AB2 impellers have been thoroughly tested in both our test boats... read the full story

October 2009: 9.5 inch Two Stage Jet in Sea Boat
Our development of the 9.5 inch jet continues with a prototype version of the jet installed in a 9 metre sea-boat, designed by well known marine architect Jim Pauling. The vessel, powered by a Yanmar 350hp turbo diesel, will weigh approx 4,000kgs fully loaded and is designed for use off the West Coast... read full story

August 2009: Scott Waterjet + JBM Boats in Montana
Bill Russell of JBM Boats in Montana met Konrad in the US last year and explained his need for a lightweight, ultra-reliable jet to power his new range of small (approx 15 foot) hunting boats. Bill outlined a "wish-list" for a jet that would allow his boats to navigate the large, and sometimes shallow river systems of the western USA and Alaska... click here to read full story

August 2009: New Scott 952C jet in testing
The much anticipated 9.5" two stage Scott Waterjet is undergoing testing - with fantastic early results. A sprint version is being tested in Melbourne Australia - one unit in the new 1300+ horsepower LS Chev sprint boat of Phonzie Mullan, and a second unit in a sprint boat with a 475 cubic inch DART Chev... read full story

March 2009: High-Speed Test Boat complete
The Scott Waterjet test boat is now complete. It is based on a 4.1m Scott hull, powered with a 6.0L Chev 530hp all alloy V8, two stage Scott 8.5 inch jet and race steering system. The boat looks relatively normal but it features a ultra high-tech MoTeC electronic data logging system... read the full story

February 2009: The first Scott purpose-built sea boat is taking shape quickly...
The Sea boat is nearing completion and had a first test run on Lake Hood in Ashburton last week. A short video is available on Youtube. Konrad was very, very impressed with the first runs - the handling was as precise as our river boats, the hull performed perfectly and the GPS speed was just over 50 knots - this will drop when the engine... read the full story

February 2009: Paddock Boating - Don't try this in your backyard!
When Andy Gilchrist saw a few inches of water lying across one of his paddocks he couldn't resist the temptation. See what a Scott Boat, an 8.5 inch jet and a driver with a lot of attitude can do in a few inches of water in the grass! Andy is a great driver but even we were surprised with this footage.
Watch at Video 1 | Video 2

February 2009: Yamaha Racing Jet Ski Trim Nozzle
We have completed a prototype trim nozzle for Yamaha Jet Ski Racing. This is currently being tested in Australia. The trim nozzle - unique to Scott and globally patented will increase thrust on turns, give more precise steering and greater control of the racing jet skis. Performance data is expected later this month. Initial feedback has been very positive.

February 2009: World Jet Sprint Championship
With the championship in New Zealand this year Scott had a busy time supplying last minute jets, impellers and lots of answers to questions. This year all forty two competitors had Scott jets powering their boats! Konrad, Lyn and Cody attended the Auckland round of the Championship... read more

February 2009: McLay Boats build jet-powered 6.40m Seaboat
One of New Zealand's largest and most respected boat builders McLay Boats has just completed a 6.40 hardtop seaboat with a Scott 8.5 inch two stage, salt water jet and a GM 6.0l engine. Steve McLay has personally supervised the design, construction and testing of McLay's first jet powered boat... read the full story

August 16-18 2008: Alaska - the last frontier
Alaska is where Scott Waterjets can showcase their performance, handling and believe-it-or-not fuel economy. We spent three glorious days checking the performance of the first three jets in Alaska with Scott 8.5 inch jets. Our host was Chris Osowski of Glacier Jet... read the full story on our trip here

30 June 2008: New jet under development
Scott Waterjet confirms a 9.5 inch two stage jet is under development with production expected late 2008 through early 2009. This jet will be suitable for boats up to 10.5 metres (34.5 feet) with loaded weight of approx 6,500 kgs (14,330 lbs). If you would like to be kept updated on the progress of this new jet let us know

26 June 2008: Scott goes to Alaska
Glacier Jet Alaska have just purchased a custom built Riddle with a Scott 852 complete with trim nozzle. The 852 is built for the most demanding conditions and will be right at home in Alaska. We look forward to getting performance and fuel economy details when the new boat enters service. We also think it looks great! Visit for more information.

20 June 2008: Fuel efficiency testing
Fuel prices getting you down? Never has a fuel-efficient Jet Drive been more important! To benchmark performance and economy we tested a 4.45 metre (15 foot) riverboat with a Chev LS2 and a Scott 852 driving through a braided river averaging around 3,400 revs - and used just under 20 litres (5.2 gallons) per hour! The 852 has super efficient impellers which can be "tuned" to match a wide range of engines and help deliver the fuel-saving advantages.

For a technical explanation of how Jet Propulsion and engine with matching RPM range can dramatically improve fuel economy click here

Sunday Star Times Article
"A Jet-Propelled Export Business" by Tim Hunter, Sunday Star Times. To read the article on click here

Jetsprint Technology
Evolution of Jet Unit (Pump)

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