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Last year, despite the tough financial conditions, was our busiest year for producing boats. While the overall market in New Zealand was very weak, we were at capacity all year.

2010 was exciting as we launched several new designs, including some new jet models. We continued to customise our standard designs to meet each customer's need – and enjoyed building boats that exceeded our customers' expectations. We know every boat we build is a perfect combination of hull, jet and engine. Even the impellers will be customised to suit each boat.

We like it when customers ask for our advice on all sorts of things when it comes to their boats. Jet boating is our life and we reckon we've done most things our customers will want to do in their boats; fishing, hunting, adventure boating, family boating, etc.

As always our boats represent our latest technology in hull design, engines and jets (staying no 1 in jet sprinting globally means we have a constant stream of upgrades and product improvements).

The boat everyone wants to talk about because it is so different is our Scud. Here are details on three "Scuds" from 2010.

4.3 metre river boat, 3.6 litre Holden, 812 two stage jet with trim nozzle

This boat has been designed for shallow water boating, slow planing, and very easy access. Richard is a keen fisherman - and also wanted a boat that would work for his 80 year old dad.

When Richard saw the Scud he instantly thought it would be the "bee's knees" for fishing and hunting. Richard has had jet boats for 25 years, and is an experienced boater. His thoughts on the Scud were; "extremely responsive, incredible for slow boating, you get more time to think about where you are going, just makes boating more relaxed, more time to make decisions. In my old boat - I just had to go for it. Kon and John were very easy to deal with, nothing was a bother.

"It really makes boating easy. It is a piece of cake to pick someone up or drop-off, and the safety of it with walkthrough and easy of access over bow is amazing.

The trim nozzle fully down allows a slow, gentle take-off. We had 100% success rate getting 5 kids up on skis, that had never been waterskiing before."


4.55 metre river boat, 350chev, 825 two stage jet with trim nozzle, 14 degree hull

This boat is built around the customer - Tim Walton's existing engine. The 8 1/4 inch jet is perfect for the 350 chev engine - affordable and it can utilise every horsepower of the engine (the engine and jet combination is halfway between the Lexus V8 and Chev LS2 6 litre power-wise).

Tim came in to Winchester wanting to buy a conventional boat, but tried the Scud and bought one on the spot.

His thoughts on the boat were; "Love it, absolutely. The most practical jet boat I've ever had (I've had 4), so easy. I think this thing will go anywhere. And its easy - you pull up to a bank and just walk off."

"It's easy to trailer and the extra storage up front is great - covered up and locked in. So easy to work with."

"I enjoyed working with Konrad - he thinks outside the square and listens to clients, and nothing is a problem. We tapered the back in, and also have a reverse bow. We were up a creek on the West Coast that was so tight we couldn't turn around - but we just backed up - no other boat could have done that. The trim nozzle is really quick - love it."

"I'm really rapt with the open bow - first time out it looks a bit different and you worry about getting a wave across the bow, but by the second day - walk in, just so easy. The 14 degree hull is great - I wouldn't go back to a 16 - I can use the trim to run like a 16."

The photos from Tim show the versatility of the Scud. There are some great shots of the Hollyford Track.


5.1 metre inshore boat, 6.0 litre Chev, 852 two stage jet with trim nozzle

This boat is fun - custom designed for the relatively calm waterways around Sweden. Our customer spent an afternoon with us on the Rangitata River in South Canterbury, and knew he needed a boat that could perform at home in Sweden. It fitted perfectly in a 20 foot container and we are looking forward to photos of the boat n operation - once the ice clears!

The two photos show it being put into the lake for testing.


For more details on Scott SCUD Boats email Konrad or call him on +64 3 615 8851

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