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Firefish Boats is an innovative boat builder in Alberta, Canada. Surrounded by some of the world's biggest and most challenging river systems, its customers want durable, reliable boats that can travel for days on hunting and fishing trips into these river systems.

Scott Waterjet is proud to be supplying jets to Firefish to go in their bigger boats with more horsepower. The reliability and extra flow of the Scott "pumps" are ideal for Firefish customers - who must have a durable pump they can really depend on.

Stephen Beecroft - the principal of Firefish - says his customers are staggered with how tough the Scott equipment is - even after a season's hard boating they still perform, when competitor products don't. He says the "Scott pumps really sell themselves, particularly in boats with bigger horsepower and superchargers, and they take boating to another level".

The trim nozzle is also seen as a big advantage as in Canada boast can be very heavily loaded for long hunting trips, and being able to trim means porposing is eliminated - which with an 8% hull can be tricky.

While enjoying the handling of a Scott performance "pump", customers have also been pleased with the fuel economy. For example the 852 "pump" - uses 9-10 gallons an hour cruising in an 18 foot Hammerhead with a supercharged LSA (While most customers are not too worried about the fuel cost - the fuel economy determines how far they can travel into areas where you can't buy fuel).

The names of boats produced by Firefish instantly convey the type of boats they build and what they are used for; Hunter, Ranger, Hammerhead, Frenzy, etc. This link to their website has photos and specifications for their boats.

Back in New Zealand we are delighted that the decades of experience our jets have had on the rivers of New Zealand (and the fun our customers here have "pumping gravel"), has helped us to produce the world's toughest jet - which is being used in rivers all over British Columbia and Alberta.

It also puts a smile on our faces, knowing that Stephen and the team at Firefish really understand how to design, build and use jet boats.


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