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This 14 foot boat will look familiar to New Zealand jet boaters. Built in Canada by Firefish it is the result of collaboration between Stephen Beecroft of Firefish and Konrad Scott.

The 14 foot 525hp "Waho" is very different to typical Canadian boats with a 16 degree hull (compared to the standard 8 degrees). Powered with a GM CT525 all-alloy engine and a Scott 852 this boat is made to go anywhere - fast.

When Konrad heard Stephen was planning a sports boat he was delighted to share the experience gained with smaller boats in NZ.

One of the photos below taken in the very tricky Clearwater River in Alberta is an example of the sort of fun it offers - if you take the wrong channel!

Stephen commented that it is "just insane where it can go", and the handling and power mean a whole new learning curve. He expects to evolve the design into around a 19 foot sport boat with a bit more seating and power (the elevation of approx. 2600 feet is always a good excuse to add horsepower).


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