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  Jet Sprinting tips
The grip of the boat, acceleration and overall boat control is directly related to the weight of water the jet is processing. Which is why you installed your Scott Jet - but there are a few tricks to optimising the jet's water flow around a track.

One of the most common mistakes is to think that driving the entire course at full throttle is the quickest way round. Data clearly shows that lifting off the throttle very slightly (approx. 200 revs), before turning into the corner and accelerating through the corner is quite a bit quicker. If you hit the corner wide open when you turn in you will bleed off speed, and will have no extra thrust left to accelerate through the corner - because you are already wide open. Lifting slightly at the end of the straight just before turn in will hardly make any difference to your speed - as on a slightly trailing throttle the boat will barely slow at all.

As you turn into the corner roll back onto the throttle. The extra water going through the jet will make the boat stick much better and you will accelerate through the corner rather than bogging.

This helps boat control and corner exit speed, and allows the boat to turn sharper with less steering movement.

Data also shows the more you turn the wheel the more speed you drop. The quickest way around the track is the shortest. Really concentrate on cutting the corners and straightening the track as much as possible.

Once you get the hang of using minimal wheel movement in conjunction with good throttle response, you can dance the boat around the track on the throttle. A really good way to practice is going around a buoy. Start by going around at a constant 1/2 throttle and note how much wheel movement it takes and how the boat feels.

Then try the same thing by lifting off a fraction and using the throttle to accelerate through the corner. You will notice how much more boat control you have, and how much less wheel movement is required.


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