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SCOTT 7.5 inch jets matched with ECOTEC 2.2 litre Supercharged Engine, and Weber 143 hp Engine. Scott Waterjet have developed a 7.5 inch jet for use in aluminium boats designed and built by JBM Boats in Montana.

Bill Russell of JBM Boats in Montana met Konrad in the US last year and explained his need for a lightweight, ultra-reliable jet to power his new range of small (approx 15 foot) hunting boats.

Bill outlined a "wish-list" for a jet that would allow his boats to navigate the large, and sometimes shallow river systems of the western USA and Alaska, have excellent performance, be ultra tough and reliable, carry plenty of weight, and be economical enough on fuel to allow the boat to carry enough fuel and gear for a week long hunting trip. It also needed to be "priced right". Konrad proposed using the Ecotec 252hp supercharged 2.2 litre alloy engine with a 7.5 inch two stage Scott jet with trim nozzle, and the Weber 143hp with a 7.5 inch single stage Scott with trim nozzle. Bill and Konrad worked closely to ensure that the boats' design perfectly matched the power to weight ratio of the engines, and the capabilities of the jet.

The first boat of the new range was 15'4" long, welded aluminium hull with 10 degree deadrise. It weighed 1,350lbs with a 30 gallon fuel tank. It was powered with the Ecotec 2.2L supercharged engine and the Scott 7.5 inch two stage "lite" jet with 18 degree impellers and a 110mm nozzle.

Performance details;
• Cruise speed of 30-32mph at 3,600rpm upstream, and 3,200rpm downstream
• WOT speed of 51mph at 5,150 rpm downstream
• Minimum planning speed of 14.4mph
• Fuel burn 4 - 4.5 gallons per hour

The second boat was 15'7" long, also with 10 degree deadrise, weighed 1075 lbs and was powered by the 143 hp Weber 143hp engine and 7.5inch Scott single stage “lite” jet with trim nozzle, 11 degree impeller and 120mm nozzle.

Performance details;
• Cruise speed is 30-32 mph at 5,400 rpm upstream, and at 5000 rpm downstream
• WOT speed of 43mph at 6,100 rpm downstream
• Fuel burn of 3.2 gallons per hour river running with four people on board
• Low fuel burn was 2.0 gallons per hour in lake running

Further testing is planned with 9 and 10 degree impellers. All Testing was done in Montana at 4,100 feet above sea level.

The handling of both boats was ultra precise, and the trim nozzle helped produce great hole-shot, planing and shallow water boating.

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