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When Rick Orr decided to look for a boat after not having one for 20 years he was keen to get one with Scott gear, having heard from friends and other boaties that Scott jets' handling was better.

Having already had a thorough look around at hulls and engines, and test drives, he dropped into Winchester and after a demo with Konrad went one step further and ordered a Scott Boat - a 4.6 Scottcraft with an LS3 6.21 litre and 852 two stage jet.

Nek Minnit has a few modifications - heat exchangers, a walk-through nose, a swim platform, and seating for four adults and two kids.

It is designed to be an all round boat - water skiing, hunting trips (dog friendly) and general river and lake boating. The swim platform is also designed to allow quick reversing in tricky situations.

Although the engine is barely run-in, Rich already appreciates the handling; "it just grips, the steering is super responsive, totally different to the old 350 Chev 3 stage boats twenty years ago."

The trim nozzle was new to Rich and the advantages he noticed were; "it lets you plane really slowly, great for starting skiers, good in rapids, and we were able to cruise up 2 metre pressure waves on the Rakaia."

When asked why he chose a Scott boat Rich was straightforward; "Konrad was the main reason, he listens, has ideas on what you want to achieve and really knows what he is doing. Nothing was a problem, even when we had a small mechanical issue I dropped in and it was fixed immediately - no hassle. Such a good bugger to deal with. The service was brilliant."

Here are a couple of great photos - it really is a distinctive boat. Keep an eye out in North Canterbury for it!


For more details on Scott Boats email Konrad or call him on +64 3 615 8851

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