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  River Testing (click to enlarge)
A new 6.1 inch two stage jet is now well into development - model SWJ 612 (6.1" two stage). Two prototypes are being 'river tested' at the moment - complete with a new impeller design. After evaluating the testing, fine tuning of individual components will start, and then we finalise the 3D drawings for the components, and do the programming for machining the components. After final testing and sign-off from Konrad the jet will be ready to go.

This testing and fine tuning process is very, very demanding - and needs to be as our jets typically are used for the life of at least one boat!

The test boat shown in the photos is a 3.3 metre hull with a total weight, without crew, of 340kg. Testing has been done with a 100 hp 787cc twin 2 stroke, and a 951cc 130 hp twin 2 stroke. Later this month we will also test with a 1500cc Suzuki engine.

Already we know that the jet has all the performance characteristics of Scott jets - high revving impellers producing very high water flow. Basically it is very, very 'grunty'. We test and design jet sprint jets the same way so maybe it is not surprising.

We expect the jet will be available for sale in September of this year. We are giving this sale date because we have been swamped with enquiries - as word leaks out that we are testing a "small jet". We will be able to confirm pricing and performance details, and accept orders in approximately July. The 6.1 will come standard with our hydraulic trim and reverse.

For several years there has been an increasing demand for smaller jets - as lighter, high output engines become available to boat builders. Our problem has been to squeeze in the designing of a new jet, while keeping up with the demand for existing products. Because of the consistent demand for a small jet we have given the 612 priority over other new products.

This jet has been designed to be matched with small modern high revving engines and we would expect it to be used in boats between 3 and 5 metres.

We think this is pretty big news and believe that this high performance jet can enable the development of a whole new range of boats - recreational and also rescue.

We will be posting regular updates on this website, as the 6.1 approaches production. For the mechanically inclined there are also a few photos of machining and finished intakes.

Finally - yes, Konrad gets to do the testing - the photos are in the lower Rangitata River. A perk of the job!


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