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Look carefully at the photos of the latest boat to be fitted with a Scott waterjet!!

The hull and topsides are all plastic - or to be accurate 100% HDPE High Density Polyethylene. While we do recess plastic keel strips into our aluminium boats (to help them slide across gravel), we were excited to be involved with this project.

Bryan Vickery of Polypipe Services - a specialist polypipe welding and fusion company, wanted his company's fourth boat to be a river boat, and asked Scott Waterjet to install a jet and engine package. Having a specialist boat builder on staff was the catalyst for Polypipe's expansion into boat building.

In discussions about the best available package Konrad suggested the 812 two stage jet (8.1 inch) partnered with a Lexus V8, to go in the 4.8 metre boat (the hull has a 30mm plastic delta plate, and 10mm in the rest of the boat).

Fitting the engine and jet to the plastic hull was a little different, but was very easy to work on. We also fitted hydraulic trim and reverse and the new Morse Teleflex steering system.

Interestingly the dry weight of the boat came in smack on target at 820kgs, and the handling and power delivery was spot on. In testing it was very quiet and Konrad noted that the boat had "no bad habits".

The photos are from a full day's testing on the upper Rangitata in some quite challenging conditions - from very tight to very shallow. The plastic hull means the boat does slide better across gravel than an aluminium boat - without the noise! In fact the bigger the stones and gravel the better the sliding. The plastic riverboat concept looks to have considerable potential.

The testing was also a lot of fun.

When asked this week how he had found working with Scott Waterjet on a first for both him and Konrad, Bryan commented that he was "more than happy" with the finished product and that Konrad was "bloody good - full of knowledge, and gave him a few pointers". He was also thrilled with the performance and handling of the boat.

Bryan has a few extra photos of his new boat and his first two plastic seaboats on his website - well worth a look. As Bryan says with plastic you are only limited by your imagination.

The next trips for the boat are to the Cascades, and the rivers around Haast - so keep an eye out for it.


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