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Latest News  >  New Scott 952C jet in testing

The much anticipated 9.5" two stage Scott Waterjet is undergoing testing - with fantastic early results.

A sprint version is being tested in Melbourne Australia - one unit in the new 1300+ horsepower LS Chev sprint boat of Phonzie Mullan, and a second unit in a sprint boat with a 475 cubic inch DART Chev, twin turbo 1600+ horsepower (built by Darren Farr - the builder of the fastest drag car in Australia).

We are delighted to have both the world's most demanding drivers (jet sprinters), and an experienced commercial boater test the prototypes of the 9.5 inch jet. We listened very carefully to both their initial performance requirements and the feedback from testing.

Both prototypes have exceeded performance expectations and final design refinements are underway.

The commercial boat tested was a 9.0metre (30 foot) offshore boat powered with a 350hp Yanmar diesel. In the first runs the boat had a top speed of 39 knots @ 3,400 rpm, and cruised at 27 knots @ 2800 rpm. These runs were done using test impellers and a 147mm nozzle. The boat wet weight for the testing was approx 3500kgs. Konrad expects final performance to improve when the design refinements are complete. The boat's designer was surprised with the top speed in early testing as he had calculated 40 knots as a top speed with a propeller drive.

Salt and freshwater versions of the 9.5 will be produced, and it will be available in single and two stage.

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