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This is designed to be a sporting package - capable of boating shallow braided rivers, carrying 4-6 people with hunting, fishing and leisure gear, a fun all purpose river and lake boat.

The concept for this boat was to have all of the capabilities of our existing boats as well as adding some important new features;

Open Bow: this allows very easy access to the cockpit as well as opening up all of the wasted space in the bow. As the majority of Kiwi boaters suffer from bad backs this new layout makes boarding and unloading a breeze, and also utilizes this space for fishing, seating and storing luggage. The centre consuls are fitted with a swing door which allows the cockpit to be cut-off from bow and deflect wind over the cockpit ensuring the crew remains warm and comfortable when traveling in cold weather. When boating in extreme white water conditions it is possible to fit a supported white water cover to the nose which seals up the front compartment like a conventional boat - thus giving the best of both worlds.

Cockpit: features twin consuls, the driver consul houses the steering, reverse and trim controls as well as the usual gauges and switches. It also gives excellent wind protection. The passenger consul givees the same weather protection and has a closeable storage area and handy grab rails. The layout of the cockpit ensures excellent visibility, a very comfortable driving position and an excellent foot throttle position. This allows the driver to rise out of the driver's seat while driving to gain better visibility in tricky situations. There is a fold-away seat in front of the engine and there are two rear seats in the far back corners. These provide extra seating and double as steps onto the swim platform.

Rear Swim Platform: the integrated rear swim platform also covers the jet. It provides extra space and a convenient fishing or swimming position. The integrated handrails give easy access into the boat while swimming or water skiing. The platform makes when pushing a boat back into deeper water a lot easier and also makes getting back into the boat while it is being pushed into deep water a breeze. No more being dragged over the sides when you hit deep water.

Reverse Bows: this is another unique feature of the Scud. The bottom of the swim platform is filled in to form a bow shape. This makes reversing the boat approx 30% better than a conventional boat. It also means that the back is not being sucked down while reversing at speed. It also this allows makes reversing in shallow water or up stream much easier.

Hull: Konrad has spent a lot of time refining the hull and interior to perfect weight distribution and seating as well as ensuring this boat has the renown Scott features - excellent handling and performance, first class workmanship and super rugged construction. It has a shallow dead rise 12-14 degrees and a wide beam, with a variable dead rise in the nose section. This combination gives unmatched handling and performance in shallow water, while retaining good rough water ability.

Plastic Insert: The keel section has a plastic insert sheet for cross country excursions! This the makes the hull super slippery - great for extreme shallow water boating and crossing shallows. This is recessed into the center of the hull 600mm wide and 3.1m long. It covers the normal contact area when crossing shallows, but allows us to retain the outside planing strakes that provide our exceptional handling and performance.

As with our original Scud this version will be able to start and navigate very shallow water, and have the precise handling and control of all Scott boats.

The demonstrator will be fitted with our brand new 812 jet which is a 208mm two stage, complete with trim nozzle. The jet features all of our latest updates including the high tensile AB2 bronze cast and balanced impellors and HD AB2 Bronze intake grill.

The engine is the GM 3.6L Alloytech all-alloy V6. This is a very exciting light weight engine (under 190 kgs), fully marinised which we are hoping will produce approx 300hp and 300 ft/lbs of torque, and rev to approx 5,300 rpm. This engine because of its variable intake and exhaust timing will deliver incredible torque, hp and throttle response and give excellent fuel economy. The high revving 812 should be a perfect match for the engine and with its high-volume high-pressure characteristics which will really enhance the overall handling and performance of this exciting package.

The hull is built, the fit up is underway and the engine is currently being dyno tuned. We expect to have the demonstrator on the water by the 15th of December. To organise a test drive, or for enquiries please email Konrad

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