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The Scott Waterjet test boat is now complete. It is based on a 4.1m Scott hull, powered with a 6.0L Chev 530hp all alloy V8, two stage Scott 8.5 inch jet and race steering system.

The boat looks relatively normal but it features a ultra high-tech MoTeC electronic data logging system - as used by the V8 Supercar competition. It uses an 11 satellite GPS unit to accurately track speed and acceleration.

The engine and jet have a whole range of sensors - with 6 sensors in the jet alone - and a full set in the engine measuring every engine parameter.

The boat has to be fast enough to stress-test impellers, new jet parts and design modifications. It also is agile enough to be able to simulate jet sprint racing. It has been clocked at 120kph (75mph) with 100 litres of gas and two people on board.

This expensive test boat will speed the introduction of new technology into Scott's product range. We are totally committed to continued development of our products and have a whole range of projects in our "design pipeline" ready for testing.

While it is a fast, expensive boat Konrad let slip that - with the precise steering, fingertip trim and reverse, and ultra predictable handling - it was actually a very easy boat to drive and trailer.

On-water photos by Anne Lambe

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