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Our development of the 9.5 inch jet continues with a prototype version of the jet installed in a 9 metre sea-boat, designed by well known marine architect Jim Pauling. The vessel, powered by a Yanmar 350hp turbo diesel, will weigh approx 4,000kgs fully loaded and is designed for use off the West Coast of New Zealand's South Island - a spectacularly rugged and beautiful area.

The boat is owned and built by Bill Windmill, who has owned numerous boats over the last 30 years. Bill, who already owns a riverboat powered with a Scott jet, wanted more performance from his new boat - and the ability to fingertip trim. Hence the decision to be the launch customer for the 9.5 inch two stage jet.

The new boat will be used for heavy-duty fishing - crayfish and deep water.

In initial baseline runs the boat achieved 39.4 knots @ 3,400 revs - which was very pleasing considering given the jet has not yet been optimized for the engine/boat. The performance data is now being reviewed to decide on the next impeller and nozzle setup for testing.

A key part of the testing process for a new jet is using our data logging software to measure the inputs and outputs of the jet - and then going back to the factory to refine the variable components of the jet. This process is time consuming and produces large amounts of data, and can require many test runs - but it does mean that the performance of our jets is optimized before they hit the market.

Renderings of the boat and photos taken during testing courtesy of Jim Pauling;

We appreciate the confidence that Bill and Jim have shown in being the first customers for our 9.5 commercial jet and are committed to delivering them a jet which will give them the performance they want.

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