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Scott Boats were born out of passion and frustration. Passion for all types of jet boating and to push the boundaries for jet boat design. Frustration with dated designs that limited where jet boats could be used and the fun that could be had. All Scott Boats are designed and personally tested by Konrad Scott before they are included in the Scott Boat range.

Konrad's passion for building the best is the stuff of legends. He has been driving jet boats for over 30 years - since he was 10 years old. Konrad's boating experience includes winning the World Series and World Championships in the ultimate jet boating sport of jet sprinting. Recreationally Konrad has jet boated in NZ, Australia, mainland USA, Canada and Alaska and has sought out and incorporated the feedback and input of passionate jet boaters from around the world into the design and specifications of Scott products and boats.

Konrad and his wife Lyn founded Scott Design and Manufacture Ltd and work together with a handpicked team to produce world leading jet propulsion products. The Scott Waterjet brand is a genuine homegrown Kiwi success story - every winner of a Jet Sprinting World Championship title for the past 13 years has been powered with a Scott Waterjet! Scott Boats are designed and built totally in-house and we believe are the best handling jet boats - with the latest technology, razor sharp handling and tough, quality construction. Our boats are made by passionate jet boaters for passionate jet boaters.

Scott's patented Trim Nozzle is the most significant development in jet boating in the last twenty years and has revolutionized jet boating, dramatically improving handling, performance, safety, fuel economy, load lifting capability etc and providing finger tip trim control.

Scott Impellors, acknowledged as the world leading impellors, are chosen by jet boat owners around the world for all brands of jets - to enhance both performance and fuel economy.
Orari in the snow

The Scott Boats Story
The first Scott Boat was the "Puddle Hopper" which was designed and built after years of frustration at not being able to boat the small rivers and streams in the local area. The initial Puddle Hopper was 3.1m (10ft 6") powered by a 4 cylinder 2.0L Subaru (130hp) engine and featured the prototype 7.5" single stage Scott Waterjet. First a scale model was carefully built and then the Puddle Hopper and jet were hand-built at Konrad and Lyn's home workshop.

Working as a team Lyn and Konrad, with young son Cody watching on, the first Puddle Hopper was built, and the minute it was ready was tested by Lyn and Konrad in a local pond. The boat's performance was simply stunning, it was fun, the handling was precise and the maneuverability unbelievable. However the real success was the performance of the jet/hull package achieving 45mph on the initial runs with better than expected fuel economy. Once the fuel had been burnt the boat was taken home, and over the following weeks was painted and fitted out.

The Puddle Hopper gave many hours of fun exploring anything that was vaguely wet. Later versions were powered with a Subaru turbo engine and the Scott two stage 7.5" jet lifting top speed to 56 mph. The initial Puddle Hopper was purchased by a very enthusiastic female jet boater who owned it for a number of years and used it as it was designed to be used - in shallow braids, creeks and streams that that previously been unboatable. This year Konrad brought back the original Puddle Hopper and is now restoring it for his son Cody. Numerous 3.1 Puddle Hoppers were built and are still generating smiles and large grins.

Puddle Hopper 3.75 Xtreme
The next model in the Scott stable was the 3.75 Xtreme model (12ft 6") featuring a new keel layout and sportier styling. The prototype was powered by a 3.8 Ford V6 (240 hp) and a 7.5" two stage Scott Water Jet.

Initial testing was very encouraging and the new hull design allowed higher speeds, while retaining the razor sharp handling. The top speed on the first tests was a very pleasing 58mph.

After the stunning success of the prototype the production Xtreme was upgraded with a supercharged 3.8 Ford V6 engine (375hp), the jet was modified with new impellors, and the world's first trim nozzle was added.

Performance of the new Xtreme was mind-blowing - 72mph top speed, razor sharp handling and constant trim control. The great power to weight ratio and the razor sharp handling meant no piece of water was off limits!

A number of Xtreme Puddle Hoppers were built in several different configurations - for family boaters, fishermen but mainly extreme jet boaters.
  Godley River, Canterbury

Scott Boats Model 4.25
This represented a significant change in design concept. Konrad wanted to retain the performance and handling of the Xtreme, but in a bigger package - so families could enjoy exciting and safe jet boating.

Konrad's design goals for the 4.25m were; maximum cockpit space, good visibility, must have good low speed characteristics - stay on the plane at low speed, draw minimal water at both idle and low speed, be very precise and predictable but also retain the Scott high speed capability. The initial boat built for an enthusiastic client who liked the fresh approach, was powered by a 2.0L SR-20 Nissan turbo (220 hp) 7.5" two stage Scott Water Jet, had seating for 4 adults and plenty of storage. This resulted in a light nimble package that had wonderful handling at all speeds and achieved 53 mph on its initial test.

This model proved very popular and was built in many configurations and was powered by a variety of engine and jet packages and is still available today with new styling and the latest all alloy performance engines.

Puddle Hopper 3.4m
This was built to satisfy Lyn's love of shallow water boating in small boats. Based on the design of the original Puddle Hopper it had higher sides, a roomy cockpit and featured the heavy duty 12mm keel section and 8mm heavy duty bow sections now found in all Scott River Boats. The distinctive Scott bonnet bulge now found in most Scott Boats was introduced for the first time.

This model is still in demand and is simply unmatchable in tight shallow water boating. The majority are powered by the strong 2.0L Subaru Turbo (220 hp), 7.5 inch two stage Scott Water Jet and the now indispensable Scott Trim Nozzle. The combination of the new hull upgraded jet and trim nozzle was outstanding and achieved a top speed of 58 mph, while retaining all the Scott boat performance at all speeds.
  Konrad finds a spot to test the new paddles

Scott Boats 4.45 Model
This is our most popular model and features all of the now well known Scott advantages; brilliant performance and handling, tough quality construction, roomy comfortable cockpits and the distinctive Scott styling.

Our most popular combinations are Toyota Lexus V8 engine (260 hp) 8.0 two stage jet and the LS - GM all alloy 6.0L engines (425 hp) and our latest 8.5" two stage jets. Both packages offer exceptional performance combined with fuel economy, engine reliability with top speeds of over 70mph.

Scott Boats 4.6 and 4.75
These retain all the features and performance of the 4.45 but in a slightly bigger package - for people who want a boat to explore both lakes and the sea, as well as the rivers.

Scott Sprint Boats
Given Konrad's passion and history with jet sprinting and the demand from jet sprinters it was inevitable that Scott Boats would offer a sprint hull. This exciting new design reflects all Konrad's years of experience and success in jet sprinting, and the knowledge built up from supplying jets to every world champion for the past 13 years. The Sprint hulls are totally built in-house to our exacting, industry leading standards. Importantly the hulls are designed to precisely match the performance and potential of the latest jets and impellers. This potent combination of the latest Scott Water Jet and Scott sprint hull will not only lift the performance level for jet sprinting but also make it easier for people to enter this exciting sport.

Scott Waterjet is a passionate supporter of jet sprinting and commits significant R&D time to build new features and technology in every new season's jets.

Scott Custom Boats
Over the years Konrad has been approached by numerous customers wanting to have input into the design and configuration of their new boats. Konrad really enjoys the challenge of these builds and with the Scott workshop being self-contained and extremely well equipped these custom builds can be easily managed and delivered on time. Our custom boats have been an outstanding success and we are delighted to have very happy customers.

New Models
We are always designing upgrades and refinements to our existing boats - pushing the design boundaries. Our latest project is a recreational seaboat - designed to showcase the advantages of a trimmable Scott Waterjet in the ocean.

Concept Boats
After Konrad's first trip to North America he came home and built the open bow, centre console drive "SCUD". This is a shallow draft, wide, unique beast with an inbuilt plastic strip in the keel for overland excursions. It is powered by a Subaru 2.0L turbo and a 7.5" two stage Scott Water Jet.

This radical design would not have been possible without the revolutionary Scott Trim Nozzle System which allows immediate fingertip trim control. Maneuverability is simply outstanding and the hydraulic joystick controlled-reverse makes trailering, docking and low speed control a breeze.

Testing and exploring the Scud's shallow water capabilities was the most fun Konrad has had in a boat. It had a top speed of 53 mph.

Future Builds
Konrad is currently designing some very slick 6.5m sea boats featuring the salt water version of the 8.5 inch two stage jet and GM all-alloy engines. The hull and boat will be designed to take maximum of the power of the jet and trimming capability of the Trim Nozzle system. We believe this package will be a radical improvement over outboards and bring new dimensions to sea boating.

Workshop and Staff
The Scott workshop is fully equipped with Computerised Machining Centres, a new 130 ton press brake and guillotine, pulse mig welders, MoTeC data logging equipment and every piece of equipment needed to produce and service precision jet units and accessories.

The frontline manufacturing team of Ross, Rob, Hamish, Marcus & John are master tradesmen and are passionate and proud to produce the world's best jets and enjoy the chance to test them in their own boats.

Lyn is the office manager and ensures there is a super-organised flow of incoming raw materials and finished jets going out to our customers around the world.

NZ customers can contact Konrad Scott in Winchester on 03 615 8851 or email for information on Scott Boats, and to arrange a test drive. International customers should email for more information.