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Scott Design and Manufacture Ltd produce a range of 6.1 inch to 8.5 inch jets to a very high quality and performance level. Development of Scott waterjet units and accessories are always at the cutting edge of technology, with proven world-class competition results being built into our continually updated and expanding product range.

8.5 inch Single Stage High Performance Commercial Jet
Reverse Kit   Trim Kit   Steering Kit   Hydraulic
  Cable Steering
  Reverse Trim

HYDRAULIC REVERSE: Fully integrated and self-contained hydraulic reverse system. Fully mounted on the jet, super quick and powerful operation, 2-3 seconds from full forward to full reverse. Rugged, powerful design.
MANUAL REVERSE: Also available. This features a 3 position detent lock system for positive forward, neutral and reverse engagement. This is operated via a HD Morse cable system.
HYDRAULIC TRIM: This is fully mounted on the jet (no messy brackets to fabricate and fit as it comes already mounted).
TRIM NOZZLES MANUAL ADJUSTER: All jets come with trim nozzles as standard equipment, but they can be rigged with a manual adjuster for fixed trim positions. This can be upgraded later to hydraulic control if required.
CABLE STEERING: This mounts on the jet and can be either left or right hand drive.
LED TRIM and REVERSE INDICATORS: These show the position of the trim nozzle and reverse bucket on the boat dash board.

• These jets are an economical alternative for naturally aspirated V6 engines, smaller V8 engines and some diesel engines such Nissan VQ40, Chev 4.3 and Toyota Lexus V8.
• The 8.5 inch single stage is ideally suited to engines that have moderate torque and horsepower characteristics. The single stage jet allows for a simple and economical package that still performs great.
• This jet was originally developed as an economical alternative for our mid-sized boats and offer a good starting point that can later be upgraded to an 852 if needed.

• Heavy duty main bearing and high tensile duplex main shaft
• High flow, high performance intake - super tough construction
• Fully Adjustable Trim Nozzle
• Precise Stainless Spherical Bearings
• Split Duct Reverse Bucket - super efficient
• Changeable Nozzle Rings for precise performance tuning
• Heavy Duty Bisalloy grill available as an option
• Skid Plate - protect the underside of your jet
• High Flow Tail Pipe - compact, anti-swirl vanes enhances performance
• Stainless Controls - fully adjustable, tough, precise stainless rod ends
• Unique Scott Impeller Design - tough and durable, huge range available
• Unique Anti-Swirl Stator - tough stainless construction, easy maintenance

• High flow intake / Anti-swirl tail pipe / Reverse Bucket - H25 cast alloy
• Anti-swirl stator - H25 Cast alloy body with SS or AB2 bronze stator insert
• Trim nozzle - H25 cast alloy, SS spherical bearings
• Main shaft - SAF 2205 duplex SS shaft
• Main bearing - SKF or FAG QJ 309
• Water bearings - Cutlass bearings
• Shaft sleeves - Hard chrome over 316 Stainless steel
• Mechanical seal - Carbon over ceramic
• Impellers / Control shafts / Steering and Reverse cranks - 316 SS

Scott Waterjets are available in commercial, recreational and sprint applications, and as both two stage and single stage versions. If you have any feedback on Scott products and accessories we'd love to hear from you