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Scott WaterJet Ltd produce a range of 6.1 inch to 9.5 inch jets to a very high quality and performance level. Development of Scott waterjet units and accessories are always at the cutting edge of technology, with proven world-class competition results being built into our continually updated and expanding product range.

9.1 inch Two Stage High Performance Commercial Jet
Reverse Kit   Trim Kit   Drive Shaft   Close Coupling
  Fast Change
Nozzle Inserts
  Intake Clean-Out

HYDRAULIC REVERSE: Fully integrated and self-contained hydraulic reverse system. Fully mounted on the jet, super quick and powerful operation, 2-3 seconds from full forward to full reverse. Rugged, powerful design.
HYDRAULIC TRIM: This is fully mounted on the jet (no messy brackets to fabricate and fit as it comes already mounted).

• This jet is suited to higher horse power/torque naturally aspirated and forced induction V8 engines such as the 6.2L DI, Raptor 460, 8.1, 8.1 HO, Supercharged LSA 6.2L, Raptor 575, LT4, custom stroker LS engines, big block Chevs (572) and some diesel engines like the Mercruiser TDI 4.2L.
• The 9.1 inch two stage is ideally suited to engines that have high torque and horsepower characteristics. These engines have very impressive and aggressive power deliveries which many jets can't handle. The 912 is an awesome jet that couples superbly to this type of engine and ensures maximum performance. They have excellent throttle response and utilize all the power that these type of engines can produce, plus have a wide operating RPM range. The two stage is very rugged and has a high tolerance to cavitation, as with all of our two stage jets they will operate with substantial trash in the intake and have unmatched grip in white water. An excellent choice for the more aggressive and bigger boats.
• This jet was developed for use in bigger river boats to fully extract the power available from the larger V8's and it offers unrivaled performance in its class.

• Heavy duty main bearing and high tensile duplex main shaft
• High flow, high performance intake - super tough construction
• Fully Adjustable Trim Nozzle
• Precise Stainless Spherical Bearings
• Split Duct Reverse Bucket - super efficient
• Changeable Nozzle Rings for precise performance tuning
• Heavy Duty Bisalloy grill
• Skid Plate - protect the underside of your jet
• High Flow Tail Pipe - compact, anti-swirl vanes enhances performance
• Stainless Controls - fully adjustable, tough, precise stainless rod ends
• Unique Scott Impeller Design - tough and durable
• Unique Anti-Swirl Stator - tough stainless construction, easy maintenance

• High flow intake / Anti-swirl tail pipe / Reverse Bucket - H25 cast alloy
• Anti-swirl stator - H25 Cast alloy body with SS or AB2 bronze stator insert
• Trim nozzle - H25 cast alloy, SS spherical bearings
• Main shaft - SAF 2205 duplex SS shaft
• Main bearing - SKF or FAG QJ 309
• Water bearings - Cutlass bearings
• Shaft sleeves - Hard chrome over 316 Stainless steel
• Mechanical seal - Carbon over ceramic
• Impellers / Control shafts / Steering and Reverse cranks - 316 SS

• Greater Internal Volume
• Full Range Performance
• Dual Wheels
• Fingertip Trim Control
• Longer Jet Unit
• Jet Boat Tuning

Download Key Benefits (PDF, 803KB)

• Hamilton HJ212 Footprint
• Drive Line Options
• Suitable Engine Characteristics
• Engine/Pump/Boat matching
• Serviceability
• Finger Tip Boat Trim Control
• Heavy Duty High Thrust Split Duct Reverse

Download Key Features (PDF, 5.1MB)

Key Points
• 100-300 rpm flare helps Hole-Shot
• A Responsive Mid-Range is beneficial for the majority of your boating
• Enhance your Full Operating Range with the Correct Nozzle Insert Size
• Use your Trim Nozzle to maximise your performance - have the switch at your steering hand fingertips

Download Performance Guide (PDF, 152KB)

The Results
The outcome exceeded our expectations with the 912 significantly outperforming the HJ212; providing more grip, more push, more lifting power, better load carrying, better-cruising speed, and ability to utilise the available capabilities of the 6.2l LSA fully. The test boat was a 22ft HCM @ ~ 5,970 lbs.

Key Observations of the 912
• Higher cruising speeds at the same rpm. More range. Less travel time.
• Carry bigger load. More equipment to your destination and back.
• Extremely resistant to cavitation under all load and throttle conditions giving confidence in big water, and under tight maneuvers.
• Lifts 60% more load onto the plane up to ~ 42 mph.
• Lifted 3 Barrels more ~ 1,455 lbs more (8 Barrels compared to 5 Barrels).

Test Result Sheets
There is a detailed test sheet for each of the following test scenarios.

Load Tests
~ 5,970 lbs - (No Load)
~ 7,325 lbs - (3 x 55 Gallon Barrels ~ 1,455 lbs)
~ 8,295 lbs - (5 x 55 Gallon Barrels ~ 2,425 lbs)
~ 8,780 lbs - (6 x 55 Gallon Barrels ~ 2,910 lbs)
~ 9,260 lbs - (7 x 55 Gallon Barrels ~ 3,395 lbs)
~ 9,750 lbs - (8 x 55 Gallon Barrels ~ 3,880 lbs)

Cavitation Tests
~ 5,970 lbs - (No Load)
~ 8,780 lbs - (6 x 55 Gallon Barrels ~ 2,910 lbs)

Download Test Results (PDF, 3.8MB)

All specifications, results and data is correct as at time of publishing.

Scott Waterjets are available in commercial, recreational and sprint applications, and as both two stage and single stage versions. If you have any feedback on Scott products and accessories we'd love to hear from you