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Scott WaterJet Ltd produce a range of 6.1 inch to 9.5 inch jets to a very high quality and performance level. Development of Scott waterjet units and accessories are always at the cutting edge of technology, with proven world-class competition results being built into our continually updated and expanding product range.

Unique Scott Nozzle System with Adjustable Trim

• Unique patented Scott trim nozzle system
• Fully adjustable
• Up trim - more acceleration, more top end, wicked rooster tail
• Down trim - lower planing speed, better handing, more load lifting, great hole shot
• Fingertip trim and steering control
  • Changeable nozzle rings for precise tuning - 3 screws, change in secs
• Better fuel economy
• Unique design stops porpoising

• 770 Hamilton / Kodiak
• 212 Hamilton
• Mercury Sport Jet
• American Turbine

Unique Scott Performance Custom Impellers

• Unique design three blade impellers offer huge performance gains over standard units
• More top end performance
• More mid range performance
• More load lifting capability
• Better hole shot
• Stops cavitation
• Less maintenance
  • Better fuel economy
• Enhanced white water performance
• Can be custom built to suit the needs of each customer's individual requirements

• 770 Hamilton / Kodiak
• Bullet nose and rear
• Fresh and salt water versions

Scott Waterjets are available in commercial, recreational and sprint applications, and as both two stage and single stage versions. If you have any feedback on Scott products and accessories we'd love to hear from you