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Q: How does the Scott 852 compare to a 212?
A: Quicker out of the hole, better acceleration, faster top end, better in white water, more durable, better fuel economy, etc. The 852 is more expensive than a 212 but is a two stage jet complete with a trim nozzle.

Q: OK - but why does it perform better?
A: The 852 has super efficient impellers that will rev to 6,900 revs meaning it can be "tuned" to match a wide range of engines - from 135hp to 1200hp. "Tuning" the Jet Drive to match the engine helps deliver the performance and fuel advantages. Higher revving means the engine can push significantly more water through the jet, at a higher pressure than the 212.

Q: Does a Trim Nozzle really make much difference?
A: Absolutely. Try buying an outboard or stern-leg without a trim system. A trim nozzle dramatically improves your control of the water flow from the jet so;
•  handling is massively improved (steering, turning, etc)
•  you can plane faster and with a higher weight in the boat
•  ploughing and porpoising is eliminated
•  you and your passengers and skiers get a much smoother ride
•  you make dramatic savings on fuel

A boat without a trim system is a bit like a car without power steering – OK in the 40's but not today. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our Trim Nozzles. If not completely satisfied send it back within 60 days for a full refund.

Q: How does the 852 compare to a Sport Jet?
A: Like a BMW 7 Series compared to a Saturn.

Q: Why does Scott prefer two stage jets?
A: Our customers are demanding users and need our jet drives to perform in white water, very remote areas, rivers with debris, etc and run all day.

A two stage gives better all around performance, the jet can take much more hard use, is much less affected by stones or trash in the grill, has longer times between servicing and can run way more clearance on the impellers before servicing is required. A boat with a Scott two stage jet does not have to stay on the trailer when there is debris in the water.

In white water a two stage jet will stay primed much longer than a single stage. Even if the front impeller sucks air the rear impeller remains primed and will help the front impeller reprime due to the venturi effect.

Q: How can Scott impellers rev up to 6,900 revs when your competitors will start cavitating around 5,000 or less?
A: I've built thousands of impellers by hand over 30 years - for jet sprint pumps, extreme, recreational and commercial boaters. Scott impellers are the result of those 30 years of design and testing. Every Scott impeller has my personal guarantee.

Q: But a higher revving impeller must be a lot noisier?
A: No - our main shafts are ground and balanced, and our impellers are balanced. It takes longer and costs us a bit but it means our jets run very quietly.

Q: What engine will the Scott impellers and jet drives couple to?
A: Engines from 100 hp to 1500 hp. We have recently had outstanding trials with new lightweight diesels.

Q: Are Scott Jets easy to couple?
A: They all use a conventional flange to flange drive shaft - simple, strong, inexpensive, and easy to replace. They can handle mis-alignment (should you take a big hit on the hull and misalign the engine).

Q: What controls are available for your Jets?
A: Hydraulic Trim, Hydraulic Reverse Fingertip trim control from the cockpit. Joystick reverse control and coming soon - LED trim/ reverse indicators.

Q: What colors can I get?
A: Any color as long as it's blue (courtesy of Henry Ford).

Q: But Scott are relatively new to the market – how can I be sure Scott can support their Jet Drives?
A: We are relatively new to the market outside New Zealand and jet sprinting, but through our dealers in Canada and the USA we will be offering the same service, support and product reliability that has made us the preferred option for New Zealand recreational boaters and sprint competitors globally. We also like visiting Canada and the United States...

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