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Scott Waterjet design and manufacture high performance waterjet units and accessories. Our jets come standard with Scott high thrust impellers and a patented revolutionary trim nozzle. Quite simply there is no better performing waterjet on the market. Our products are renowned internationally, and their reliability and durability are legendary. Click here: Why Choose a Scott? to help decide what should be powering your next boat.
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Performance benefits of Scott Waterjets
•  Scott Waterjets are designed to give maximum performance to any engine/boat combination
•  More load lifting, better hole shot, better fuel economy
•  Our Waterjets completely dominate the sport of Jet Sprinting world-wide
•  Find out more: Why Choose a Scott?

Why choose a TWO STAGE unit...
•  Unmatched in white water
•  Huge resistance to cavitation
•  Less maintenance, more efficient than a single stage
•  Will still operate with trash in the gate
•  Will still perform with worn impellers
•  Easy to match to a wide range of engines
•  For more detail on Scott Waterjets and accessories click here

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Scott Waterjets
Maximum performance, race proven
Ultra rugged, ultra reliable
Serious jets for serious boaters
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Scott Trim Nozzles
Unfair advantage, fully adjustable
Fingertip, cockpit control
Retro-fit trim nozzles available
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Scott Impellers
More bite, more mid range, top end
Hugely improved fuel economy
Retro-fit impellers available
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send an email to our Sprint Support Team
Scott Boats
Take full advantage of Scott jet units
Latest in hull design technology
Proven in NZ's toughest rivers
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Scott Jet Sprint Racing
Jets specifically designed for sprinting
New Formula Sprint Hull coming soon
Maximum race performance
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Scott Media Gallery
All the latest photos and videos
Scott products in action worldwide
User contributions welcome
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