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01. High Water Volume and Pressure
All Scott jets have high waterflow volume & high pressure output so boats perform, handle and respond better in any situation. The combination of high flow and volume enhances all aspects of performance without compromise (traditionally water jets have produced high pressure or high volume - with the Scott you get high pressure and high volume).

02. Scott Trim Nozzle
The trim nozzle which diverts water flow up and down (patented and unique to Scott) means each boat can be trimmed for different speeds, loads and water conditions - porpoising is eliminated giving a smoother ride. Trimming also gives better fuel economy, tighter turns, allows boats to stay on the plane at slower speeds, improved handling, and for the adventurer miles better control in whitewater (it also produces a wicked 'rooster tail').

03. Two-Stage Jets
Scott's unique two-stage jets, with two impellers working in combination, build pressure more efficiently and consistently than single-stage jets. Two-stage gives more thrust, more power, more speed and better fuel economy. They deliver optimum performance in hole-shot, mid-range, top-end and white water. Two-stage jets are harder wearing, more reliable and will continue to perform even with damaged impellers and trash in the grate. They also give unequalled grip and maximum resistance to cavitation.

04. Scott Impellers
Each jet has Scott high thrust impellers which pump 30% more water per second than any other impeller. Scott impellers are designed to allow foreign objects (trash, sticks, stones, etc) to pass through the jet with minimal impact. This means the impellers will not block and stop your jet. This also means Scott impellers last longer because gravel, stones etc pass through with minimal contact with the impeller blades.

05. Scott Reverse Bucket
Every Scott jet has a high flow, high thrust, finger-tip hydraulic reverse bucket. This means a more powerful reverse and combined with the trim gives outstanding boat control. Docking and trailering is easier and even new boaters can easily control the boat. Boating is easier and safer particularly important when people are towed behind the boat e.g. when water skiing or wake-boarding.

06. Engine Matching
The two stage jet can be matched to a wide range of engines - from 120 hp to 1650 hp. The jet is able to be "tuned" using a range of standard Scott impellers and nozzle inserts. Scott Waterjet can recommend the ideal jet/impeller/nozzle insert combination for your boat, taking into account; engine size and type, hull shape and dimensions, plus how the boat is expected to be used. Tuning means the jet can "use" all the available power of the engine as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

07. Componentry and Construction
High quality components and construction give outstanding reliability. Stainless steel stator and wear rings, thicker, stronger castings, heavy duty, high thrust bearings and hard chrome stainless steel main shaft sleeves mean dramatically less maintenance, longer life, less down time, etc.

08. Outstanding Customer Service
Scott is owned and staffed by passionate jet boaters - shallow water, family boating, sprinting, marathon, extreme – we do it all and love to be able to help.

09. Race Pedigree
Scott products undergo 'testing' in the world's toughest jet boating - the Jet Sprint World Series. Scott jets have powered every world champion since 1995.

10. Fuel Economy
All Scott jets are powered with Scott's ultra efficient high thrust impellers, and each jet can be matched to individual engines for maximum output and ideal fuel consumption across a wide rev range. This means Scott jets can be up to 20% more efficient than any competitor jet - while delivering better performance.

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