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The high revving (up to 6,000rpm), high output, all alloy Chev engine is perfectly suited to the high revving 852 jet. The impellers on the jet match the revving of the engine right up to 6,000rpm - delivering massive, controlled thrust. Only jet sprint boats have better power to weight ratios! Quite simply the best boats in the world for adventure boating.

'Hammer Down' 4.45 metre riverboat with the L98 6.0 litre engine

This is a recreational fishing and family fun boat owned by Brent Patterson. It has a 14 degree shallow V and a built-in fish bin. The layout is designed to be suitable for fitting in the kids, and skiing and biscuiting. The hull is slightly stretched to make the bottom as wide as possible - allowing it to plane at really low speed.

When Brent was looking for a new boat he chose Scott because "he wanted to get the best. I bought a second-hand Scott boat a few years ago and it was great. The new boat is everything I wanted - the trim nozzle is real good."

When asked how it compared with other boats Brent had a few comments;
• "it is like driving a Ferrari compared to anything else"
• "other boats struggled with 4 people... this just kills it"
• "the fuel economy is amazing - it only uses 30 litres for a day's fishing on the Rangitata"

Brent worked closely with Scott Waterjet to customise 'Hammer Down' including a different dash layout, modified trailer, etc. He said Kon, Hamish and John were very good to work with.

A few photos of 'Hammer Down' on a "shakedown run" on the Rangitata with Brent and Konrad. Brent is looking forward to taking 'Hammer Down' to the Hollyford in October. We hope he sends a few photos.


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