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Well, it seems pretty crazy to be nearing the end of February already!

We have had a very busy start to the year with some of the team returning from their Xmas break a little earlier than normal. The team was keen to get a head start on the new year and be more available to jet boaters during the holiday period.

Additionally, we are underway with our first production run of our new 9.1" WaterJet. These first units are heading to Canada and USA with a handful destined for New Zealand. More about that in our next newsletter.

We have tried our best to have plenty of pictures and not too many words in the newsletter. Hopefully, that means that it's easy to read and digest in amongst your busy lives.

Briefly, in this newsletter; our new General Manager, four new products, and some new impellor & boat model developments are on their way.

As always we enjoy hearing from you and encourage you to let us know your thoughts and any suggestions you may have.

Thank you
The Scott WaterJet Team
Exceptional Performance Jet Boating

New General Manager

We are very pleased to announce that Gareth Turner has taken on the role of General Manager here at Scott WaterJet.

In his GM role, he will be responsible for all activities at our Winchester site. This change will help ensure that we are providing great service to our highly valued jet boaters whilst further enabling Konrad to focus on getting new products to you to help improve your jet boating experience.

A lot of you would have already met or spoken with Gareth as he has been our Operations Manager for the past year and a half. For those of you that haven't, here is a little bit of background.

Gareth really enjoys the outdoors, loves his Jet Boating, Hunting and Fishing. He worked with us for 5 years after leaving school some 10 years ago and returned to the team in September 2016 after considerable time doing his OE, engineering, guiding, driving the odd tour bus, and much more.

New GM Gareth Turner

Now Available
9.1" Two-stage WaterJet

We have been very busy over the last year or so developing our new 9.1" Two-stage WaterJet. The results of our testing have exceeded our expectations.

If you are looking at repowering your boat or considering building a new boat and planning to power it with a more powerful modern V8 then please take a moment to seriously consider if your choice of the jet unit will actually be able to utilise the engine's potential.

We are hearing of many jet boaters being disappointed with the (lack of) performance they are achieving with engines like the GM LSA when coupled with older smaller jet units.

9.1 Two-stage WaterJet

Now Available
4.75m Scott Performance Jet Boat

Yes, this package certainly fits into the "Big Boys Toy" category.

At 4.75m long, tandem axial trailer, just release 9.1" Two-stage unit, matched to a Supercharged Chevy V8 (LSA). The power delivery from the LSA thru the 9.1" is exceptional.

4.75m Scott Performance Jet Boat
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Now Available
3.4 m Scott Puddle Hopper

A little smaller with exceptional boat handling behaviour and characteristics. Ideally suited to Suzuki MA series engine and our 6.1" Two-stage waterjet. This little boat delivers heaps of fun!

3.4 m Scott Puddle Hopper

Now Available
Folded Kit Set

Yes, the new 3.4 m Puddle Hopper is also available as a Folded Kit Set.

Folded Kit Set

What's coming?
Cast Impellors

We are busy developing Cast Stainless Impellors for our more common Jet/Engine combinations focusing on impellors for our 8.5" and 6.1" WaterJets.

Shown below are cast impellors for our 9.1" WaterJet.

Cast Impellors

What's coming?
2018 Jet Boat Range

More on that topic in our next newsletter...

Our Range of WaterJets

2018 Jet Boat range

For more details on Scott Boats email Konrad or call him on +64 3 615 8851

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